Potential Ways to Save on Health Care

“Make sure your doctor is in-network so that you can get the best price for the service needed.”

“Find a good and experienced in-network physician that you feel comfortable working with on your health. Having your yearly checkup, shots, and tests can catch problems early while they are the easiest to treat. Also, remind the doctor to bill everything as preventative.”

“Like you do for gas, gifts, groceries, and other goods, find the best price for lab tests, scans, x-rays, MRIs, procedures, and surgeries. If two different CT scans produce the same image, then wouldn’t you rather pay $300 rather than $3,000? Find the best fit for you.”

“If you are not able to see your doctor for non-emergency care quickly, then try going to an urgent care center, retail health clinic or a walk-in doctor’s office instead of the Emergency Room. Urgent Care Centers could save you money on a visit. CLICK HERE to find an Urgent Care Center near you, but remember to check and see if the doctor is IN-NETWORK.”

Goodrx.com offers information and coupons for local pharmacies. Also, you should talk with your healthcare provider about ways to save on your prescription costs.

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